Saturday, June 29, 2013

Back in Berlin

This greeted me upon deplaning at Berlin Tegel

I'm back in Berlin (last here with Stevie last summer), and words cannot describe how much I love this city. I spent a year and a half here in college as well as time here and there on other trips, and never before and never since have I explored a city's landscape, history, culture and people so in depth.

Inside a Trabi at the DDR Museum in Berlin.

Now I'm here to share the things I love about this city with my students.  I've organized this part of the trip thematically, with one day focusing on the Nazi and Holocaust period of German history, one day focused on the postwar period and Berlin Wall, and one day focused on art, both ancient and contemporary.  Naturally food is a big element of the trip, and I'm exposing my students to such culinary delights as döner kebab, currywurst, and beer.  There'll be plenty of time for spätzle and schnitzel once we hit Munich.

Unfortunately my camera broke on the second day of the trip, so these are the only decent photos I have to share.

A pizza shop annoyed by currywurst customers taking up its space.

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