Sunday, June 9, 2013

2013 ODDyssey Half Marathon

I ran the 2013 ODDyssey Half Marathon this morning.  Very little training involved, but like yesterday, I didn't have to pay for the bib, because my friend Amy had signed up months ago but then hurt her foot and couldn't run.  No way I could pass up a half marathon bib.

Another 6am wake up call this morning.  Fast and furious drive out to Fairmount Park in Philadelphia to meet Amy's roommate Meg on the steps of the Please Touch Museum for the bib handoff.  The race started late at 7:15.

There were people in costumes (including a dude in a Borat mankini), carnival games throughout the race, an ODDyssey pint glass and a medal/bottle opener at the finish, and a gorgeous course all over Fairmount Park and the Schuylkill River... This was a fantastic race, and one that I will probably sign up for next year.

I had to stop twice to use the bathroom, and stopped at several of the carnival games, so my time wasn't great.  1:48:23.  But it was a fantastic race, my longest in months, and nice to be doing so many races again.

Meg and me after finishing

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