Saturday, June 8, 2013

Wissahickon 10k Trail Classic

A few days ago a friend on Facebook mentioned that he had an extra bib for the 8th annual Wissahickon Trail Classic, and asked if anyone wanted to run it.  I had nothing else going on this morning, and I wasn't about to pass up a free race bib.

6am wakeup call this morning.  In the city by 7am.  Biked up to Fishtown where I met Matt and his friends, and together we drove out to the race.

The race took place at Wissahickon Valley Park and benefits the Wissahickon Restoration Volunteers, an organization that works on land restoration throughout the park.

I've done a few 5k trail races before, but I've never done a trail race of this distance or of this intensity.  There were some pretty serious hills and switchbacks and rocks all along the course.  I loved it though, as the constant focus on the trail made me disregard how far I'd gone.  The race was over before I knew it.

With a tenth of a mile to go, the course drops out of the trails onto a road, and in that straight away, runners often break into a sprint, taking on whoever is closest.  I found myself in my own photo finish, just edging out a guy and finishing in 55:25.  In the finishing chute, the guy clapped his hand on my shoulder and yelled "you bastard!" before congratulating me on a great race.  I love runners.

55:25 only put me in 85th place.  This is also the only race I've ever done in which winners received plants as trophies.

The race crew:

I suggested we all flex.  This is the resulting picture

My friend Matt has run this race for a few years now and it's one of his favorites.  It was great catching up with him, and so glad he introduced me to this race as well.

Also, I got to pet a horse.  All around, a great racing experience.

We are very excited about this horse

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