Friday, July 31, 2015

July mileage

January: 197
February: 231
March: 281
April: 121.2
May: 159.1
June: 112.3

And July:

145.4 for the month, for a total of 1,247 miles for the year so far.

It was a slow month for running, with just two races (one 3.65 mile prediction race and one 5k).  The heat and humidity got pretty extreme for much of the month, so relaxing with a beer by the grill was more my style than sprinting down the sidewalk every damn day.

I hope to pick up the pace some in August and grit my way through the last of summer weather, which will make running in cooler fall temps all the more glorious.

I hope your summer running is going well, dear reader.  Let's finish the season with a bang.


  1. Nice mileage! I'm also hoping to up my miles in August. July was brutal for weather.

    1. Thanks, Meghan, and good luck to you in August!


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