Thursday, July 23, 2015

1,200 miles

July has been a slow month for running, but this morning I went out for 8 miles.  It was my longest run in weeks, and I was forced to welcome back nipple chafing into my life.

After completing 8 miles, I walked into the kitchen and saw my wife in workout clothes.

Stevie: Oh good, I just caught you!  Want to go run 3 miles?
Me: You had me at hello.

Before heading out I tallied up my mileage for the year and realized I only needed 3.4 to reach 1,200. So we brought Neale out in the stroller and knocked out a slow and steady 3.4 miles around the neighborhood.  Then I had Stevie record this milestone in which it also looks like I could be naked.  With a hat that says "Dirty German" on it.

Only 815 miles to go in this challenge!


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