Friday, June 12, 2015


When I'm not out pounding the pavement chasing the runner's high, I'm on the baseball field working on my batting stance and smacking line drives like it's my job.

I was asked to join the faculty team in the Colette R. Earney annual charity softball tournament in the town where I teach.  Stevie and Neale sat in the shade on a 90 degree day to watch me tear it up with the other teachers.  We made it to the championship game but were foiled by one of the student/alumni teams when the tying run was thrown out at home plate in the last inning.

I played Little League when I was a kid but have barely touched a glove since then.  My instincts took over and I managed a few decent hits, a few runs scored, and played second base in the field where I tried not to overthrow first base all the time.  Old habits die hard, though.

It was a great afternoon full of friendly smack talk and faculty bonding, and I can't wait for next year.

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