Thursday, June 4, 2015

Runner's World debut

I love to write.  Four and a half years of writing a blog that only a handful of people read can attest to that.  But it has long been a goal of mine to break out of blogging and into something more substantial.  Why not dream big, then, and go for the goal of publishing a piece in Runner's World, right?

Imagine my surprise when this month's edition of Runner's World arrived in the mail and I sat down to read it tonight.  In a section about chafing, they had included readers' own tips about preventing it.  I saw the words "duct tape" and thought, hey this guy uses it too.  Hey, this guy's name is Scott too.

Wait a minute...

Runner's World must have asked a question on Facebook ages ago and I added my two cents, never thinking it would end up in the magazine.

Leave it to me to have the first time my name appears in Runner's World be about my nipples.

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