Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The cost of Boston

I don't like to spend money.  I am destined to be that stereotypical cheap dad who never likes to open his wallet for anything, for whom "free" is the greatest word in the English language, whose wardrobe hasn't been updated since the Clinton Administration.  I can live with this.

But in all seriousness, as a single-income family (and that income from a public high school teacher's salary), it's important to think frugally and not buy into the culture of consumerism and materialism that is so prevalent in this country.  So the thought of bringing my family of three to the Boston Marathon gives me genuine heart palpitations.

Everyone talks about the hard work associated with Boston, the glory and the guts, the rewards and the esteem.  But no one ever talks about the money.  So here goes.

  • Cost of entry: $175, paid back in September during registration.
  • We drove from South Jersey there and back, leaving on Saturday and returning on Tuesday, so estimated cost of gas and tolls: $150.
  • Estimated cost for use of public transport/parking throughout the weekend: $30.
  • We stayed with two different friends in the city and brought each a bottle of wine: $30.
  • We packed food for the trip and ate some meals with our friends, so we ended up eating out very little during the weekend.  Estimated cost of eating out: $50.
  • I ended up not buying the official race jacket because I figured the tech shirt, race medal, poster, bib, and numerous pictures from the weekend would be enough.  I did buy the official race photo package, though. $80.
  • I also bought Meb's book at the expo: $15.

Total estimated cost for the weekend for a family of three: $530.

If I start saving now, maybe I can do the weekend properly at my next Boston Marathon.  Until then, if you need to find me, I'll be the guy in the Umbros shorts and a coed naked volleyball shirt.

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