Tuesday, April 21, 2015

2015 Boston Marathon Part I

Shipping up to Boston!

Stevie and I loaded up the car on Saturday morning and finally got on the road around 12:30. We hit some bad traffic around New York, naturally, but it was otherwise smooth sailing.  The excitement mounted once we started seeing signs for Boston.

We arrived at my high school friend Martina's house around 7:30.  I first met Martina when I spent a summer in Germany when we were 14.   She has since moved with her family from Munich to Boston and offered to let me stay with her when she found out I was doing the marathon.  Fun fact: Martina and I have the exact same birthday; both the day and the year.

Sunday morning saw a leisurely breakfast, followed by a leisurely Sunday stroll along the Charles River, and finally, the highlight for me, a trip to the expo.

The expo was absolutely overwhelming.  We had brought Neale along in the stroller and could barely navigate the crowds, so we eventually found an empty room where Stevie could breastfeed (sidenote: hey BAA, maybe start designating a room for mothers to breastfeed.  In one hour there, Stevie was joined by two other moms who were also looking for a place to nurse).  I continued on through the expo alone and got a few more pictures:

I then ventured a few blocks down Boylston to the finish line and got a few more pictures.

After the expo, we braved the streets and drove back to Martina's place where we packed up and headed to my college friend Amy's place.

Amy and Stevie had some wine after we put Neale to bed, and I of course just drank water. We ordered take out from a barbecue place and we all got pulled pork.  The rest of the night was dedicated to packing gear bags and laying out clothing and figuring out Boston's public transport system.  And a few more pictures:

I went to sleep around 9 o'clock and slept fitfully all night, then woke up at 4:30am to start making my way to the starting line.

Race recap coming soon...

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