Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas in the Keys

Being married to a woman from Florida has its advantages, including but not limited to getting to spend Christmas in the Florida Keys.

I'm not one of those annoying New Jerseyans who bitches and moans about the cold weather all winter, but damned if it isn't nice coming down to the tropics in December.  I was too busy drinking cocktails by the water and swimming and running on the beach and eating amazing seafood to miss Christmas up north.

Here are a few more pictures to make you more jealous:

Neale and Stevie at dusk.

Sunrise on our final morning.
My mother-in-law thinks of everything, including bringing an inflatable Christmas tree to the Keys.

My second time in the Keys, and the second time we failed to make it to Key West, or to get my picture in front of the Marathon sign.  At least I found this in a gift shop.

This is now the picture that comes up on my phone when my father-in-law calls.

Dinner on our final night in the Keys.

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