Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 revisited

Let's start off by revisiting my running goals and resolutions for 2014:

1. Run 2,014 miles: Uncompleted.  I derailed at the end of August when Neale was born.  I was upset for a bit but I just joined a formal challenge to attempt 2,015 miles in 2015, so I'm just excited to have another go at it, but this time with a whole online community for support.

2. Make more running friends: Completed.  I joined both the South Jersey Athletic Club and a more informal Wednesday night running/beer group called Who's Up.  I love the guys in the latter group and look forward to seeing them each week.

3. Run a Tough Mudder with friends: Uncompleted.  Hope to do a Spartan Race this year, with or without friends.

4. Run a spring marathon: Uncompleted.  Almost ran the Providence Marathon but couldn't get my act together in time to organize hotel/transportation.

5. Run my first ultra: Completed.  Ran the Dirty German Endurance Fest 50k on May 18th. Was really a wonderful race and nice introduction into the world of ultras.  Hope to do more in the coming years.

6. Run across the state of NJ: Uncompleted.  This one has been on the list for years, but I still didn't get to it this year.

7. Run a sub 3:00 marathon: Uncompleted.  This was my goal before I knew Stevie was pregnant and was due in August, but I still included it on the list.  Why not dream big, right?

8. Run a beer mile: Completed.  Ran one on June 21st with Stevie in attendance.

9. Complete my first triathlon: Completed.  Completed the Grind in the Pines Sprint Triathlon on August 10th.

10. PR my half marathon time: Uncompleted.  I might have stood a chance at this one if I had been able to run the Rock n' Roll Half in September like I do every year, but this year I had a wedding to go to that weekend.

11. Streak 2014: Completed.  I ran 6 miles this morning, and with that, I have officially run every single day of the year.

That makes me 5 out of 11 for my goals this year.  Most of the goals I missed this year I'm just going to put onto my list of goals for 2015, and I'll add a few more to the list.  I'll post about that soon.

In terms of running, 2014 was a great year.  After running my 10th marathon in 2013 and my second BQ, I was looking forward to expanding my running horizons in 2014, and I definitely managed that. I streaked the entire year.  I joined two running clubs and connected more with the running community in my area.  I ran my first ultra, my first triathlon, and my first beer mile. I went to a whole running festival and ran a half marathon with the editors of Runner's World. Despite missing several goals, it was still an amazing year, and I'm looking forward to getting even better in 2015.

Outside of running, I traveled all over New England with Stevie, to Minnesota to visit my sister, to Florida to visit in-laws.  I started my 4th year of teaching high school German and gained tenure at the start of this school year.  Stevie and I moved into a new place over the summer.

But honestly, when talking about 2014, it's hard to mention anything other than the birth of my son.  Between Stevie's pregnancy, and the birth itself and the subsequent months of parenthood, it is easy to say that Neale utterly dominated 2014.  I have learned so much about myself, about what it means to be a father, a husband, and a person since he was born.

2014 really was a great year, and here's hoping 2015 is even better.

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