Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September mileage

One of my biggest goals of 2014 is to run 2,014 miles.  I've never kept track of my mileage before other than weekly mileage during peak marathon season.  This year I've been writing down my totals on a simple wall calendar.

My other monthly mileage totals:

January: 65
February: 131
March: 173
April: 201
May: 237
June: 146
July: 170
August: 144.2

And September:

An even 100 for September.

That puts me at 1,367.2 miles for the year so far with only three months to go.  That's 215.6 miles per month.

I once said that 2,014 miles was a totally arbitrary goal and I wouldn't be upset if I didn't make it.  But now I think I might be.

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