Monday, September 8, 2014

Movie Monday: Boston registration

Registration for the 2015 Boston Marathon opened today.  Unfortunately I didn't qualify by 20 minutes or more, so I can't register yet.  Assuming the race doesn't sell out this week, I'll get my chance one week from today.

I ran a BQ-1:55 (to use the parlance of our times) last fall, and from everything the Runner's World message boards tell me, it sounds likely I'll get in.  But I won't believe it until that confirmation e-mail is sitting in my inbox and I can finally let out a a sigh of relief.  After all, I know all too well the pain of qualifying only to not get in later on.  This Boston dream is now coming up on five years...

Here's a video explaining the registration process:

2015 Boston Marathon Registration Process from Boston Athletic Association on Vimeo.

I find the whole idea of putting this video together endlessly amusing.  Let's face it: the faster folk won't have anything to worry about anyway and can register whenever they damn well please.  Meanwhile, the slower qualifiers will have been obsessing over this crap for months now and don't need a video to explain the whole process to us.  We've had the registration date and time circled on our calendars since March.

Here's hoping things work out this time.

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