Sunday, May 12, 2013

Why I think Crossfit is stupid

I admit, I'm intrigued by Crossfit.  I like the idea of a high intensity workout that targets all areas of the body (which is why I try to finish all of my runs with various exercises like pushups, situps, pullups, etc).

But the more I read about it on different blogs, the more I get the impression that it is stupid.  I hate that they discourage distance running and encourage everyone to do the Paleo diet.  I also think the Paleo diet is pretty stupid, but that deserves its own post.

My biggest issue is the price.  These people outfit a gym with stuff I could find at a yardsale, then refuse to call it a gym but instead call it a box, and then come up with workouts that I could easily do on my own.

I saw this on some guy's blog recently:

It actually looks like a cool workout, and I like the challenge of having to complete it in a certain time, plus the strategy involved in how to split up the middle parts.

But the fact remains that I could easily do this workout just about anywhere.  The nearest Crossfit Box where I live charges $150 a month, or $100 a month for a 12 month contract.  So I'm going to pay that much money and then do the above workout that requires no equipment other than a pullup bar?!

Frankly, I'd rather skip the cult, save the dough, and just do the pullups at the nearest playground.


  1. This pretty much sums up my exact feelings. Glad I am not the only one skipping the Kool-Aid!

  2. This is great man!

    "Skip the cult, save the dough, and just do the pullups at the nearest playground."... awesome, and so true lol!

    Checked out a few of your other posts. I like the to-the-point and no b.s. style of writing.

    Great run this morning man. Nice catching up. Keep rockin' w/ all that you do !

  3. haha this is good stuff, man! I do crossfit and I can honestly agree with you here. The price is pretty up there. I think the difference is in being coached through the lifts as opposed to doing o-lifts wrong (no way in hell i could do snatches/cleans correctly without guidance). The competitive aspect of it is pretty cool also, since you can't compete against yourself unless your repeating a workout. Definitely see where you're coming from, though. You should try it out some time and THEN decide!

  4. I am doing a "cross fit" at a local gym near Boston. While it is a bit more expensive than a regular membership, I am pleased to pay the extra. There are about 10 people per class, yet 4 instructors. One of which owns the gym. Since day one, they all learned my name and got to know my fitness level. What I find impressive is that they teach correct form, from squats to mundane calisthenics. They stress form over all else.

  5. You miss out on the best part of crossfit, where everybody gets together and has a birthday party in the gym. Then you can check out all the hot toned womenz wearing socks while they sweat and smell bad and complain about titsday. Imagine you deadlifting 20 pounds more than them. They will be so impressed that you can have your pick of any one of those gorilla babes! Best of all you know they all have money to waste doing crossfit so they likely won't be gold diggers! OH MAN! THE BENEFITS OF CROSSFIT ARE INCREDIBLU!

    1. You know I'm married, right? Checking out the hot toned womenz is not top on my priority list.


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