Saturday, May 11, 2013

New shoes

Went to the Haddonfield Running Company for some new shoes yesterday.  The woman asked me what my last shoe was, and when I told her Nike, she asked me which ones.  I had no idea, so she started rattling off specific names of Nikes, and I had to stop her because I wouldn't recognize the name even if I heard it.

I am not one of those runners who obsesses over new gear, if you haven't noticed.

Then she tried to sell me on size 8.5 shoes, which made no sense to me when I wear a size 8.  I had never heard of this concept of wearing a half size up - presumably to allow for swelling, but wouldn't your toe just slide into the front of the shoe on downhills?  She had me try on 8.5's, but I had to tell her that I've always worn 8's, so why mess with what works for me?

Finally ditched the clown shoes I was trying on and got the above pair in a size 8.  They feel great.

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