Thursday, April 25, 2013

First death at a Tough Mudder

Article from a few days ago regarding the first ever death at a Tough Mudder event.

The author brings up many valid points, centered mostly around his surprise that it has taken this long for a death to occur.

Tough Mudder events seek to emulate military training obstacles to give people the same sense of accomplishment without the lengthy commitment to a branch of the armed services.  The problem is, in the military, one only reaches these extreme obstacle courses after previously completing a series of increasingly challenging mental and physical challenges.  In a Tough Mudder, anyone can join, no matter his or her level of training and fitness.

I am doing a Tough Mudder in Pennsylvania in June, and though I am not exactly nervous to do so, this young man's death will still be on my mind, especially as I approach the "walk the plank" obstacle on which he died.

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