Monday, November 7, 2011

Movie Monday XXVI

I'm finally finished the run of Jesus Christ Superstar.  The show ran for a total of twelve performances over four weekends, culminating in a standing room only show this past Saturday night.  It was stressful having to dedicate so much time to a show, but as always, the people made up for it.  More than the show, I will miss the people involved.

During most shows, someone films one night from the back row, and then that footage is never seen again.  Occasionally still photos will make their way onto Facebook, but that's about it in terms of recording the show.  I wanted to change that during this run, and decided I would film as much as I could and then turn that footage into a highlights reel.  On closing night this past weekend, I gave everyone in the show a copy of the highlights reel so they can remember all of the hard work that was put in, in addition to the numerous shenanigans that went on backstage.

And for you, dear reader, I present to you that same highlights reel of Jesus Christ Superstar:

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