Friday, July 1, 2011

Reconnecting in Maine

I've come up to Maine for the wedding of an old college friend, and have been able to reconnect with several other old friends in the process.  I genuinely love meeting new people, but nothing beats hanging out with the select few you share a history with, people who understand your personality and quirks and still want to be friends with you anyway.

Mike, Tahsin and I were theater and drinking buddies in college, and after we finished our hour long run today, we couldn't stop marveling at how fit we've become since then.  The last time we saw each other - 7 years ago on a trip to Daytona Beach - we wouldn't have been able to run even 5 minutes together.  Tahsin shares an avid interest in racing (particularly triathlons), so it was nice to not have to dial back my obsession around him.

The run, incidentally, along rural roads in Maine, was the longest I've run since Grandma's Marathon two weeks ago, and the best I've felt during a run in ages.

Mike, Tahsin, me, post run in Belgrade Lakes, Maine

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