Monday, July 4, 2011

Movie Monday XXI

At 90 years old, my grandmother is still as sharp as a tack.  She can talk shop regarding her favorite subjects (the Phillies, grammar and spelling, or anything Michael Smerconish approves of), and she's  already been online sending me e-mails for years.

But as she grows older, she reminds us of her physical limitations.  She has trouble writing handwritten notes, and gets tired when playing with her great grandson Oliver.  She still takes the stairs and goes to her exercise classes, but the general impression is that getting old is hard.

One of the reasons I like to run marathons and climb mountains and do backflips on the beach and other random physical feats is because I know I won't always be able to.  At some point my body is going to fail me, so why not take advantage of all that it can do right now?

My dad's marathon days are long in the past, and he now likes to say he feels lucky if he can complete a 5k, so it makes me wonder just how long I'll keep running marathons.  But the guy in this week's video certainly offers encouragement.  He's 101 years old (or at least he was at the time this video was shot) and looks and sounds like the wacky crime boss in an English gangster movie, and he is still out there running marathons.

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