Wednesday, September 9, 2015

They say it's my birthday

Just two weeks after my son's birthday, I get to celebrate my own.  He celebrated his 1st, and now I celebrate my 34th.

A couple of girls in my German IV class wrote all over the whiteboard in my classroom, including this part by my desk:

I was certainly flattered but couldn't help correct their spelling.  Once a teacher always a teacher.

Stevie surprised me with a Team Spartenheimer sweatsuit in the morning and then brought me lunch from my favorite sandwich shop during the day.  The final surprise came when she told me she'd lined up a babysitter for tonight and was going to join me at beer/run club.  It was her first time there and she only did 3 miles as opposed to the whole 6.6 mile loop.

In the store after the run she brought out a cookie cake to share with everyone.  She wanted everyone to sing me happy birthday, but I wouldn't let her and she settled on "three cheers for the birthday boy."

The humidity was absolutely horrendous today and I had to work all day in a room without A/C, but this really was an amazing birthday.  Beer, running and several thoughtful surprises from the love of my life... what could possibly be better?

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