Friday, May 9, 2014

Teacher Appreciation Week

A Day of Food.  Teacher Appreciation Week style.

Today, in the high school, parents from the PTA hosted an enormous breakfast for the teachers.  The homec room was filled with decadent egg casseroles and sumptuous french toast, fruit arrangements and rainbows of bagels and accompanying cream cheese.

I filled my plate twice with as much as it would hold and laughed off my co-workers' disbelieving stares.

Because I teach one 8th grade class, I was also invited to the teacher appreciation lunch over at the middle school.  This time I piled my plate with sandwiches and chips and veggies and meats and cheeses.  Also, my 8th graders made me thank you cards.  One of them drew me with a German hat and German flag cape:

After school I staggered to the nearest bar for a happy hour to send off a student teacher we had this semester.  I drank four beers and annihilated half a plate of pizza fries the others unwittingly left too close to me.

Stevie and I live above a Thai restaurant, so tonight we ordered take-out.  I had a full plate of curried chicken and rice and finished it faster than a nun leaving a whorehouse.  Or a whore leaving a nunnery.

I don't typically eat this much in one day, mind you, but it just shows you how hungry I've gotten lately, and just how much food I can put away if I buckle down and believe in myself.

My elbows are still hungry.

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