Monday, April 14, 2014

Movie Monday: Shalane Flanagan

One week away from the Boston Marathon.  Out of the countless videos I could have posted today, I am going with this one.  The Boston Marathon this year is about grieving, redemption, hope, resilience, and displaying our inner strength.  Let's never forget what happened at the race last year, and let's take time this year to reflect and honor those who were lost and injured.

But let's also remember that this is a race - one of the most intense races in the world.  And there is a hometown favorite who has a real chance at winning it all.

I am Team Flanagan all the way.  


  1. My colleague and cardiologist Mike Mollod knows her well. He used to train with her here in Sarasota when she was coached by Coach Cook. He tells me he had her over for dinner often, and that even though she is a workout monster, she is a super sweet, intelligent, and a humble girl off the road and track. She is gonna be top 3 for sure, having my doubts about the win though, I cant wait to watch this race!! If u are ever near Sarasota, hit me up for a run. Joe from Fl

    1. Hey Joe, that's awesome to hear. Apparently she swears like a sailor as well.

      My wife and her clan are from the Ft. Lauderdale area - opposite coasts of course, but if I'm ever nearby I'll let you know.


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