Monday, April 14, 2014

Church of the Sunday Long Run

Church of the Sunday Long Run ended up being postponed until this morning.  Stevie and I are staying at a bed and breakfast and I asked the innkeeper last night if I could borrow a roll of duct tape.

Innkeeper: You're not going to do anything kinky with it, are you?

You tell me:

6:30am and ready to run 20 miles
Normally when I run long, I make loops out of it and just leave water/Gatorade/gels somewhere where I can swing by and get them.  I decided I wanted to see more of Newport, though, and had to figure out a way to take everything with me.  I figured duct taping a gel and a bottle of water to my hand was the way to go.  Worked surprisingly well.  And don't forget the duct tape on the nipples.

My tour of Newport was glorious.  I covered the same rocky coastline as yesterday, and continued along Ocean Avenue, past Fort Adams, into the downtown area, across the bay into a different town, and back to our bed and breakfast.  Stevie caught up with me on Easton's Beach at mile 18:

I threw out the duct tape/water bottle combo at mile 14.
And here I am after completing all 20 miles:

I don't always run 20 miles, but when I do, I prefer to pose outside of a B&B afterwards.

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  1. Hahaha, that idea is brilliant! I hope you got lots of strange looks on your run!


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