Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Running, beer, and pizza

Just another average Wednesday night.

I joined the group run at the Haddonfield Running Company again tonight.  Some of the guys who have been running regularly for awhile have started an informal beer club that meets in the store afterwards.  Tonight one of them brought some beer from the Hill Farmstead Brewery in Vermont, which has been ranked as the world's best beer.  They let me try a sip of the IPA, and maybe it was the fact that I'd just run 7 miles, but it really was otherworldly.  I think I've found my incentive to keep coming back Wednesday nights.

After the run, I walked down the street to the church where the South Jersey Athletic Club holds its monthly meetings.  They have pizza and beer and usually a guest speaker of some sort, and tonight Brandon Hamilton delivered a lecture on a marathon training program designed for masters runners.

Brandon Hamilton delivering a lecture on masters marathoning

While I still have a few years until I become a masters runner myself, one of the slides struck a chord with me.

The idea is that, according to statistics, a runner will lose 4 seconds per mile in the last 10k for every 1 second faster he starts.  This is incredibly true for most of my marathon performances. I always tell myself to start slowly and then ease into race pace, but I never managed to practice this race strategy.  I always go out too fast and then hang on for dear life towards the end.

In my most recent marathon, Philly 2013, I ran the first mile in 6:40.  In my last few miles it was more like 7:20.  Imagine the potential if I could save some gas for the end and finish with negative splits.  My goal of a sub 3:00 might be attainable.

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