Friday, March 8, 2013

Dodgeball Results

First and foremost, our school raised over $8,000 for Babe's Kids, a division of The Canuso Foundation, which raises money for cancer research and provides support and assistance to those affected by cancer.

The tournament consisted of 22 teams playing three minute long games on two courts, pausing intermittently for speeches and raffle awards.

Team Ballsheviks in action

Team names included more ball-related puns than I could count, including "All Dodge and No Balls," "Balls of Fury" and "The Ballsheviks," and those are just the ones that made it through the administrative censors.

The balls on one court were blue, and when some went missing in the stands at the end of one game, the student MC announced, "if you've got blue balls, we need them.  Anyone here have blue balls?"

My team, unfortunately, didn't fare as well as I'd hoped.  In our first game we went up against half the football team.  We worked them to a draw with me as the last guy standing on my team, but then lost in sudden death over time.  In our second game we drew a team with slightly less gunpower, but still lost. It was a double elimination tournament, so that was it.  We were out.  We drew considerably easier teams for our two consolation games and managed to win them both, but unfortunately our dreams of dodgeball domination had been dashed.

The other teachers on my team and me.  That's a sword deflating a dodgeball on our shirts.

As a former athlete, my competitive side was coming out, and it was super frustrating to lose our first two games, but I still had - dare I say it - a ball, and I can't wait for next year's tournament.

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