Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Widowmaker

When I really want to crank up the intensity in my training, I head over to Haddonfield to my old stomping grounds and run the Widowmaker.  It's primarily a speed session based loosely on a workout I used to do on the cross country team while in high school.  The current incarnation goes like this:

Start with a three mile warmup jog.

4 laps around Hopkins Pond.  Half the lap is done at a jog, the second half is done at a full on sprint along a trail that look like this:

Sprinting is hard enough on an even surface, but on this minefield of steps and roots, agility is tested as well, both mental and physical.  The terrain forces me to focus on where I'm stepping and make each footfall count.

Follow the pond with 4 laps around the nearby high school track:

Each lap includes a sprint down the backstretch, then a trip up and down and up and down the stadium steps, with a break for 30 pushups and 30 situps.

Finish off with five minutes of jumping rope.

I did this workout for the first time in months today, and though I didn't do it as intensely as I could have, give me a few weeks of this and I'll definitely be ready for Boston.

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