Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Visit

I met Lee and George years ago when we all worked at camp together.  George eventually went back to England where she is from, Lee eventually followed, they eventually married, and now they both live and work in Cambridge.  They've both popped across the Atlantic to visit friends and family, and fortunately I was put on the itinerary for last night.  I took a personal day from school today to hang out with them, and we started off the day with a run.

Lee has completed two half marathons and hopes to complete a marathon within the next year or so, and George is currently training for her first 10k.  If that goes well, she'll run her first half marathon afterwards.  This morning I took Lee on my standard 8 mile route, and George and Stevie ran a 4 miler along the Cooper.  Afterwards we all posed for a picture.

Pro tip: tell your friends to make 10 consecutive poses while the camera clicks away on self timer; watch as hilarity ensues

It was great running with Lee.  One reason why I usually run alone is that it's hard to find someone who runs at the same pace, but he's the only person I've ever known that matches my pace exactly. If only we lived close together, we could train consistently and really raise some hell in the next race.

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