Sunday, January 15, 2012

Winter running

The typical New Jersey native pines for the summer sun, preferring a scorched July beach over a frigid January anyday.  Having spent a year in the Bavarian Alps and gone to college in Maine, I've come to enjoy the cold weather a bit more than the local citizenry.

But man do I hate running in it.  Here I am about to go for a morning run in 20 degree weather:

Fashion is certainly not my middle name.

Can you see how thrilled I look?

It's amazing to feel the transition, though, from feeling like death at the beginning of the run, to something resembling strength, stamina, and speed at the end.

Training in the winter is not going to be easy by a long shot, but today's run certainly gave me hope.


  1. I have to admit to cheating during the winter. When we lived in Louisiana there was no such thing as 'cold'. Here in NC? Yeah, I cheat and go to the gym. I HATE the treadmill but I hate running in the cold with asthma even more

  2. This reminds me, I need to get moving on my latest blog idea, a Running Fashion Blog. Bright colors and ass-hugging tights worthy of a superhero with reflective gear, headlamps ... hot stuff for sure! :)


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