Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Yesterday I received another e-mail from a director I've never met offering me a role in his show. The offer was based solely upon the recommendation of a girl I worked with a few years ago.  The job would have paid $600, and would have been the first paid acting gig I've ever had.

I turned it down.

Need I say it?

Ok: Boston.


  1. just stated reading your blog and I'd have to say your either dedicated or crazy... maybe both :-). I'm running the Marine Corps in October this year. It'll be my first.

    1. Well, it only took a year for someone to mix up you're and your in a comment (read the "about me" section to find out what happens next).

      No but seriously, thanks for reading, and best of luck training for Marine Corps. My dad's done that one once or twice, and it's definitely on my marathon bucket list.

  2. Did Marine Corps once - more than 20 years ago. Don't know about now, but back then it was a very well-organized race on a flat course (except going up Capitol Hill and the last couple hundred yards). I was on pace for a PR at about 15 miles, but then hit a headwind along the Potomac and finished over 4 hours for only the 2nd time in my career. It was the last marathon I ever ran. -Scott's Dad


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