Saturday, August 13, 2011

I run D.C.

I'm in D.C. again (I was here last April for a wedding), and got to go running on the mall today. I'm staying with Julia, a friend from college, so I ran from her house to the Washington Monument (touched its base for good measure), then ran by the White House to give my regards to President Obama.


I then looped back onto Constitution Avenue and headed back to the Capitol Building.


All told it was about six miles of running through the muggy Washington summer.

Julia and I also went to the Newseum for several hours today, a museum opened in 1997 and transferred to its new location in 2008, that is dedicated to the history of journalism.  The museum houses a nice exhibit on the Berlin Wall, including the largest section of the wall located outside of Germany, and an original watchtower that allows visitors a look inside.  It was a fitting day to look at this exhibit, given that today is the 50th anniversary of its construction.

I also got to pretend I was a news reporter giving a live report from the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court. The video cost $20, so I opted not to buy it, but I think this was the highlight of my day.

Not a reenactment


  1. hahah I love the "reenactment" captions!

  2. I was reading on the mall at lunch today! Hope you're having a good trip!



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