Sunday, October 5, 2014

12 miles

12 miles this morning on a gorgeous fall day here in South Jersey.  Slowly building myself up for the Philly Marathon next month while I make a final push to hit 2,014 miles this year. September was a challenge with the start of school and the birth of my son falling within a week of each other.  But as I head into October, and Neale gets older, I'm slowly starting to feel more like myself and eager to run longer.

As far as food goes, because we can't go out to eat for the time being, we've been eating a lot of homecooked meals, with the occasional takeout.  People from our church have been bringing us a lot of meals, and when they don't I usually try to make something.  I do the majority of the cooking in our household and try to make a variety of things.  Tonight I made homemade pizza fries with a salad to go with it.

Now Stevie is watching Once Upon a Time and I'm getting ready for another long week of teaching.

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