Monday, June 16, 2014

USA vs. Ghana

Monday night beer with Brian and Alicia and the Mrs. down at the Irish Mile tonight.  Ghana vs. USA in our national team's first game of the tournament.

Reenactment of joy over USA's second goal

We barely had time to react to USA's first goal, seeing as it was 35 seconds into the match. Ghana tied it up in the second half, and when USA scored the game winning goal late in the game, the entire bar erupted into chants of "USA!  USA!"  I was pounding the table so hard I knocked half of our drinks over.

When the game ended, the bar then began singing "God Bless America" before someone put Springsteen's "Born in the USA" on the jukebox.  USA may not fair so well against Portugal or Germany, so I may not get another experience like this for the rest of the World Cup.  Glad I got a chance to tonight.

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