Friday, December 9, 2011


Another reason in favor of running in the morning: I didn't leave school today until around 5pm, because on Fridays I normally try to finish my lesson plans and as much grading for the next week as I can.  Whenever I stay late at school, I return home exhausted, and all I want to do is have a drink and fall asleep by 8 o'clock.  By the time I finally guilt trip myself into running, decide how many layers to wear, and get myself out the door, it's after 7.  By the time I'm finished and showered, it's nearly 9pm and I still haven't eaten dinner, causing me to eat anything and everything in a delirious rage.

And so it goes for every runner out there with a time-consuming day job.

Anyway, tonight kind of went like that.  Except tonight, as I left my front door on Collingswood's main street, this greeted me:

Collingswood Holiday Parade
Photo by Matt Skoufalos

Collingswood's annual Holiday Parade, right outside my door.  The sidewalks were packed with spectators, so I started running down the street instead.  I came to a long stretch devoid of fire engines and parade floats, so I started running down the middle of the street.

One person started the cheer.  Another picked it up.  In no time, thousands of my fellow Collingswood residents were cheering me, albeit ironically, as I charged down Haddon Avenue, hands in the air like I was finishing a marathon.

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