Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Welcome to the world

Speaking of giving birth, my dear pregnant sister is pregnant no more.  She gave birth early this morning to a healthy baby boy.  Meet my new nephew Soren:

My new nephew, Soren.

Congratulations to Kirsten, Chris, and Oliver, and may your family be blessed with health and happiness.  Welcome to the world, Soren, and I hope you fulfill your family legacy and someday run a faster marathon than your uncle.

Time to look for baby clothes with 26.2 on them...


  1. Your arrogance still is just incredible. Only you could make Soren's birth....about you. I hope his legacy is to be as unlike you as possible.

  2. For someone who complains of my arrogance all the time, anonymous, you sure seem to enjoy keeping up with my blog. So as always, thanks for reading.

  3. CUTE BABY!!! Ahhhhhh, I love it! And whoa, someone's sippin' on the haterade. Keep up the great blog, Scott!

  4. Mom of Soren here...It's natural to want to share our interests and passions with the next generation, and to want them to surpass our successes, however grand or modest they may have been. Maybe Soren will never be interested in running, and that's okay, (I wasn't until my mid-20s) but he has a positive role model in his Uncle Scott that will translate to whatever interests he does pursue.

    Anonymous, while you accuse Scott of making the announcement of his nephew's birth all about him, your obsession with leaving hateful comments on his blog not only is a huge downer on an otherwise heart-warming post about my son's birth, but makes it all about you. Let's hope negativity and put-downs are not the legacy you plan to leave.

  5. P.S. Devon, I like your blog, especially the name. My older son's name is Oliver, so "Answering Oliver" definitely caught my eye. Well written and beautiful photographs!


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