Monday, February 15, 2016

Still out there

Not a lot of running has happened over the last few months.  After a pretty epic 2015 (with over 2,100 miles run) I started scaling back on the intensity in December and have yet to pick it up again.

But I'm still out there.

I don't have any big distance races planned for the near future.  There are no major time goals I am chasing.  My next race is over a month away (Haddonfield Adrenaline 5k), but I'm not really training much for it.

But I'm still out there.

Most days I'm only out there for a mile, mostly in service of my runstreak.  We had a major snowstorm last month, and more snow today, and a few days here and there in the single digits.

But I'm still out there.

With little running going on, it's hard to find things to write about other than the fact that I'm still getting out there for the simple love of running.  My dedication to the sport may ebb and flow, but it will never die.


  1. I'm still out there, too - not nearly as far as I used to be or at the same speed, but still out there. And I am glad I have been out there since before I was your age. Don't ever give it up.


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