Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sunday 10 miler

I ran ten miles this morning, and it felt great.  It was my longest run since the marathon last month.  Because I have a half marathon next month, and because the gross summer humidity is still holding off, I figured I should get in some miles this morning.  It was a perfect spring morning for a run.

I ran my usual 10 mile route, the one I ran repeatedly in snowfall while training for Boston, the one that incorporates hills and trails in addition to the usual sidewalks and pavement, the one that goes through the town where I teach and I consequently hear shouts of "Hey Mr. Partenheimer!" all day.

Everyone: I think I saw you running the other day.
Me: It's a distinct possibility.

I was hoping to continue my training from Boston into June and run really well at my two June races (Wissahickon 10k and Odyssey Half Marathon), but it looks like summer habits are already taking hold.  Drinking too much beer and eating too much food at parties and barbecues and not doing enough speedwork are not going to get me any PR's next month.

But I still have a few weeks left to prepare, so you never know, right?

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